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Custom Software Development
Playing and winning in today's highly competitive global marketplace requires software that is fine-tuned to the unique requirements and processes of your business.

Freisoft Consulting Services, Inc. combines infrastructure services, middleware, packaged applications, and custom software development to support very targeted business problems faced by companies around the world.

In support of delivering technologies and services that enable a more adaptive infrastructure, our software professionals work with you to enable the transformation of your business processes as well as software consulting & development methodologies and processes, plus your approaches to software quality and implementations. We combine the right balance of pre-integration and customization to meet enterprise goals and to speed time to market.

Freisoft has a proven track record of successfully completing challenging software development projects on time and on budget. We excel at developing reliable, extensible software for mission-critical applications and essential business processes.

Our clients are entrepreneurs, business leaders and technology managers who require deep technical expertise and a demonstrated ability to develop high-quality, custom applications that achieve specific business goals.

Microsoft Mobile Solutions Partner          Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner  
iPhone & iPad Application Development
Freisoft is licensed in the Apple iPhone Developer Program with experience developing innovative solutions for the corporate enterprise and niche markets such as car dealerships, online media and sports. If you have an idea for a product, contact Freisoft to start developing your idea today!

Freisoft is Proud to be American

Windows Mobile & Smartphone Software
Access to corporate information and applications from wireless devices is gaining momentum. Freisoft is now offering mobile software solutions to businesses that would like to take advantage of this technological venue. Ensure that you're always connected to your business and the rest of the world with a custom Pocket PC (PPC) or Smartphone software product developed by Freisoft.

Freisoft has developed quality mobile applications for the following industries:
  • Transportation (Railroad)
  • Contact Management (Professional Sports Recruitment)
  • Delivery Driver Scheduling (Cabinetry)
  • Sales (Cabinetry)
  • Scheduling (Hair Salon)
  • Investigative Data Collection (Public Safety)
  • Gaming (Pocket Dots, Sodoku, TicTacToe)
  • Project Management - Timesheets, Issue Tracking
  • Cost Estimating (Construction)